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Case Study 1 - Mrs M

Mrs M, who is housebound and has never been out since her illness, turned me away from her door and told me never to return. I perservered and, eventually, she allowed me in. We talked and I also assisted her with her dressing. I was able to persuade her to attend The Luncheon Club, which she did.

Case Study 2 - Mrs D

Mrs D, who suffers from crippling arthritis, heard about us through a friend who is receiving befriending. She was very interested in the service we offer and I was given her number. I then contacted her and made visits. I successfully applied for a higher toilet seat, chair and holding frames for both stairs and bathroom and this enabled her to regain a degree of independence.

Case Study 3 - Mrs L

Mrs L, who is 92 and housebound, receives Meals on Wheels. On one occasion during my visit I had offered to make her a cup of tea and while doing this I noticed that she had about 3 months' supply of food stored in her fridge, which she had not eaten. I asked her why she wasn't eating and she told me she didn't like the food she was getting. I enquired about the type of food she likes, and then rang Social Services and arranged her menu. She now eats her meals happily.


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